Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthday Cakes 2010

11/12/2010 A simple 10" x 7" butter cake covered with buttercream icing decorated with royal icing and gumpaste pink flowers. Cake weights around 1.2kg.

4/12/2010 White Rabbit cake. It's a butter cake covered with butter icing. Weights around 1.2kg.

4/11/2010 Pink Laptop with ipod. Once again my friend Shamsiah order a challenging cake for me to do *wink*( just love a good challenge). She likes chocolate cake with butter icing so I made the base or shall I call it the table with chocolate cake and covered with butter icing. The laptop and the ipod were made of fondant. The cover is actually a cake board cover with fondant which I just stick at the top of the keyboard.

22/10/2010 No 2 cake with Barney and Friends cake. Butter cake covered with fondant. Cake weights around 1.2kg (without icing).

8/10/2010 Pink and blue rabbits for Irina. Cake made from 2.6kg chocolate cake covered with butter icing. Carrots were made from modelling paste.

18/9/2010 Chugginton cake. Made from 1.9kg chocolate cake covered with fondant. Trains were made from modelling paste.

4/9/2010 Lightning Mc Queen and Mater cake. Made from 2.2kg butter cake and covered with fondant and royal icing.

17/7/2010 Big Bike cake for my cousin Fadzly on his 39th birthday. It's a small cake just 600gm covered with butter icing.

28/6/2010 'Pink Heart Shape' cake with many pink hearts. It's a 2.6kg chocolate cake with butter icing.

27/6/2010 Ultraman cake. It's a 1.2kg butter cake covered with butter icing.

16/5/2010 Teddy Bear cake for Ellene's son Alif's 12 birthday.

9/4/2010 Garden of Red Roses -A belated birthday cake for owner of Sri Munawwarah Design, Dato Tuan Hasnah. A gift from sister Kak Jee.

27/3/2010 Football cake for Reez's 2nd birthday.

6/3/2010 Dora the Explorer birthday cake for Hadiya's 4th birthday.

6/2/2010 Chanel Handbag. It's a 5" x 7" butter cake covered with fondant.

Make-up bag for my daughter Sarah's belated birthday. There are lipsticks, eye shadow, powder, eye pencil, face cream, hand cream and powder brush.

Transformer Bumble Bee cake for my son Ilyas' belated birthday.

24/1/2010 Hot Wheels for Mafazi and Jaris' birthday. Cake is chocolate cakes with buttercream icing.

12/1/2010 Chocolate cake with ganache for a 5 year old Damia. Cake decorated with 5 white roses. cake weights around 1.3kg.

8/1/2010 High School Musical 3 cake for Nurbalqis' 11th birthday. Cake is chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Cake weights around 2kg.

Engagement Cakes 2010

3/12 Chanel Handbag cake. 7" x 5" butter cake covered with yellow fondant with gold strap.

22/10 7" butter cake covered with fondant. Flowers are calla lilies and roses.

10/3/2010 A grey and white wedding "hantaran" cake for Zai. Cake is 7" butter cake covered with fondant. Embroidery technique was used to make the patterns.

26/2/2010 Emma's wedding "hantaran". 8" butter cake with buttercream icing.

12/2/2010 7" butter cake covered with fondant.

6/2/2010 9" Present Cake made with chocolate cake and covered with fondant. Ribbon is yellow and gold.

14/1/2010 9" butter cake covered with fondant. Decorated with green roses, white flowers and peach coloured blossoms. Cake ordered by Malis.

1/1/2010 7" butter cake covered with fondant ordered by Untie Maizun for her friend. Cake decorated with orchids, peach stephanotis and green blossoms.