Sunday, March 25, 2007

My First Attempt To Bake

My first attempt to bake was at the age of 13 with the help of my mom. It was a "hantaran" cake for my aunt's wedding. It was a swiss roll log cake. First attempt...couldn't quite roll it. Second attempt...slightly better......but to no satisfaction of my dad. He said "Buat kuih tak tahu...BATAT. Baling kat dinding pun tak pecah." (Can't bake a cake....HARD. It will not break even if you throw it at the wall.) :(

After that comment, I vowed that I would learn to bake but I never got any good recipes. My butter cakes were sometimes over risen or sunken in the middle. I got a good chocolate cake recipe from a friend when I was 18 and that recipe is still used today. I started baking more often when I became a homemaker 10 years ago but my butter cakes were still unpredictable. I only made cakes for my family and guests.

In 2004, I went for a holiday to London with my husband with the intention of going shopping and visiting friends. While shopping in a bookstore, my husband found an interesting baking book which he gave me as a birthday present since he thought that my baking needed help.

With the help of that book and some lessons from my mom who bakes excellent cakes, these are the results........ :)