Friday, July 25, 2008


3/10/2010 wedding cake cookies ordered by Shabana.

25/1/2009 Wedding cookies for "hantaran". Order by Farah, a wedding planner from Farah Florist in Section 9, Shah Alam.

Teachers' Day - Cookie Bouquet

Every year on Teachers' Day, students will bring all sorts of presents for their teachers. Gifts were the usual ones like flowers, chocolates, cards, mugs, scarfs etc. For the very well to do students, they give silk materials to their teachers to make baju kurung. Every year is the same I decided to do something different. Something homemade which the children can help with. A browse in the internet, I found an idea to make cookie bouquet. The children helped choosing the mugs, cookie patterns, icing colours dan of course making the cookies. It was a great project and a good gift for Teachers' Day. Their teachers were surprised!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday Cakes 2008

29/12/2008 A black and white rabbit butter cake for Nadilla's 11th birthday.

29/12/2008 Hot Wheels track for Mafazi, Ilyas and Jaris. Made with butter cake and butter icing. Weights around 1.3kg.

19/11/2008 My eldest daughter 13th birthday. Purple butterfly. Butter cake with butter icing. Weights around 1.2kg.

8/11/2008 Winx Club for Alia's 7th birthday. Chocolate cake with butter icing.

3/11/2008 Winnie the Pooh for Ryan's 5th birthday. Chocolate cake with butter icing. Weights around 1.3kg.

2/11/2008 Atia's 12th birthday. She wanted a picture of herself on the cake. Quite challenging because I have never done this before. I did it by tracing her picture onto a parchment paper and later traced over the picture by using piping gel. The pattern was then transferred onto an iced cake. It didn't turn out quite the same but almost.

26/10/2008 Hot Wheels for Amir and Arman. Made with chocolate cake and butter icing. Cake weights around 2kg.

25/10/2008 A ball on a field. Made with butter cake and butter icing. Weights around 1.2kg.

2/9/2008 Minnie Mouse for our neighbour Aisyah's 6th birthday. Made with butter cake and butter icing using a 8" round pan for the face and two 4" round pan for the ears. Cake weights around 1.5 kg.

23/8/2008 Megatron. Made with butter cake and butter icing using a 6" round pan and 7" x 10" pan. Cakes were carved to make head, arms and body. Weights around 1.5 kg.

17/8/2008 Power Ranger for Ikhwan's 7th birthday. Butter cake with butter icing.

My second daughter's 11th birthday. A Doughnut Cake made with strawberry shortcake with whip cream frosting and coloured sprinkles.

Princess Barbie in pink.

Chocolate Teddy Bear....yummy....

Purple Castle, Elisa's 4th birthday on the 27th of June. Made with chocolate cake with butter icing. Weights around 1.5kg.

Power Ranger for Tuty's son Zayn. Made with butter cake with butter icing. Belt was coloured using yellow colour mixed with gold dust to give a golden look.

My niece Eryna Batrisyia's 5th birthday. Notice the small princess near the door. It was my first attempt to make a figurine.