Saturday, January 17, 2009

Celebration Cakes

15/12/2010 Conratulations! A friend is pregnant and had this craving for butter cake. It's a 7" butter cake covered with fondant. I made a figurine of her resting on a pillow while having a slice of cake.

9/12/2010 Butter cheese cake with caramelized banana and roasted almond. Delivered to Malakoff for a birthday and retirement party.

6/11/2010 "Air Terjun" waterfall cake for my cousin's anniversary. Ordered by their lovely daughters Shasha and Jija as a surprise.

21/7/2010 PBSM gathering for SK Bandar Anggerik. 8" butter cake covered with buttercream icing.

79/7/2010 10" x 10" chocolate cake covered in ganache for all the mothers who has help and given their time and services in Konvensyen Wanita Keadilan Wilayah Persekutuan.

18/6/2010 Fathers' Day.

9/6/2010 Class 6 Baiduri 2009 from SMK Bandar Anggerik got together to celebrate their achievements in their UPSR Exam.

1/1/2010 Zoo Negara celebrated their 1st anniversary of their loyalty card members. Cakes were divided into 4 sections. The sea is made from butter cakes and the island from chocolate cakes. Total combine length and width for the sea is 18" x 18" and island is 12" x 12". Total combine weight of the cakes is 15kg. There are 32 sugar figurines. They are hippos, crocodiles, starfishes, turtles, bears, snakes, dolphin, sea lion, giraffes, monkeys, birds, elephants, tiger, blow fish, jellyfish, yellow fish, and shells.

11/1/2009 Prudential BSN Takaful, Azmi Agency celebrated on being A Million Dollar Agency. Cake is a 12" x 12" 2.6kg chocolate moist cake.