Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cupcakes 2010

24/12/2010 Blue cupcakes for a "hantaran", a gift from Kak Mai for her friend's daughter's wedding.

11/2010 A gift for a friend at the office. She was down with flu. Hoped these cupcakes cheered her day.

17/7/2010 Cupcakes for my sis-in-law Dzuriatty who is pregnant and crazy about cupcakes. Just plain cupcakes with buttercream icing, top with coloured and flavoured sprinkles. There is turtle crunch, cookies and creme crunch and toffee crunch from Wilton.

8/7/2010 Garden theme cuppies.

10/6/2010 Cousin Fahmy's birthday.

23/6/2010 Did these for my daughter's get together with her friends.

Cuppies for my sister in law, Dzuriatty who has a craving for cupcakes.

7/4/2010 Mothers' Day - Flower Pot Cupcake.

30/3/2010 Shoes and Handbads cupcakes ordered by Yanty and Intan for Bat's birthday.

29/3/2010 Chocolate cuppies covered with ganache from Eika for her sister Siti Muslihah.

10/3/2010 Simple flowers cupcakes for Kak Yati "doa selamat" and house warming.

6/3/2010 Pink butterfly and flowers for "usrah" at my mom's.

6/3/2010 Dora Stars cupcakes.

3/3/2010 Hadiya and Dwi birthday cupcakes.

3/2/2010 "Under the Sea" cupcakes ordered by Shamsiah for Damia's 10th birthday.


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