Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cupcakes 2011

16/4/2011 butter cupcakes cover with fondant and decorated with daisies made from gumpaste. Cupcake size is 2.5oz.

4/3/2011 Liverpool Football Team emblem. Cupcakes are 2.5oz cup made from butter cakes covered with fondant and edible print emblem.

Engagement Cakes 2011

16/4/2011 8" square cake covered with fondant. Cake is decorated with catelia made from gumpaste.

10/3/2011 A 7" oval madeira cake covered with buttercream icing. Cake is decorated with many royal icing flowers like apple blossom, primrose, daffodil, daisy, pansy and violet. There are two birds, one on the top of the cake and one on the side. This cake was ordered by Faraheeda Florist for her client engagement in Johor.

10/3/2011My friend, Noraini's daughter Erin's engagement cake. It's a 7" madeira cake covered buttercream icing. Cake is decorated with apple blossom and primrose flowers made with royal icing.

4/3/2011 Liverpool Jersey Cake order by Faraheeda Florist for her client. Farah is a Wedding Planner in Shah Alam. She can be contacted at 0192204939.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Birthday Cake 2011

31/4/2011 Zuleikha's older sister, Maryam wanted a Tangled Cake for her 5th birthday. It's a chocolate cake covered with butter icing and weights around 1.1kg.

31/4/2011 Dora the Explorer Cake for Zuleikha's 2nd birthday. It's madeira cake covered with butter icing. Weights around 1.2kg.

10/3/2011 Chocolate moist cake covered with ganache. Cake weights around 2kg.

4/2/2011 Dracula Monster High for Damia. It is a chocolate cake covered with butter icing and weights around 1.3kg.

22/1/2011 Ducati on #3 cake for Darwisy 3rd birthday. After cutting the cake to make no 3, it weights around slightly less than 1kg. Cake was chocolate covered with ganache. I wanted to make the cut pieces into cake pop, but the cake keeps on dropping of from the stick so instead I made the cake into cake balls in cups.

Cake balls with sprinkles in cups.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding Cake 2011

23/1/2011 2 tier wedding cake. 6" and 8" butter cake with buttercream icing. Flowers were grey royal icing primrose with silver center.

1/1/2011 5 tier wedding cake. All cakes were butter cake covered with buttercream icing. Top was an oval 7" cake shaped into a "songkok" of the Royal Malaysian Police. Others were 7", 8", 9" and 10" square cakes decorated with black roses made from royal icing.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding Cakes 2010

30/11/2010 Black, white and silver 3 tier butter cake covered with fondant and decorated with gumpaste roses. Roses were highlighted with silver edible paint. A special thanks to my friend Naimah for helping me with the roses....*muah*

6/11/2010 3 tier wedding cake with sakura flowers. This dummy cake was made for an exhibition held in Shah Alam Convention Centre.

1/10/2010 Thiswas the cake I submitted for the Annual Wedding Cake Competition held in Giza, Sunway Damansara. They are 15" dummy covered with fondant. I used "tekat" motive for the top and side designs of the cake. The designs were painted gold. In the middle, I made betel leaf from gumpaste. Flowers were made from gambir, tobacco and betel nuts.

19/6/2010 3 tier butter cake covered with buttercream icing. Sizes 7", 9" and 11". Height of each cake was around 5". Flower are made from buttercream.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cupcakes 2010

24/12/2010 Blue cupcakes for a "hantaran", a gift from Kak Mai for her friend's daughter's wedding.

11/2010 A gift for a friend at the office. She was down with flu. Hoped these cupcakes cheered her day.

17/7/2010 Cupcakes for my sis-in-law Dzuriatty who is pregnant and crazy about cupcakes. Just plain cupcakes with buttercream icing, top with coloured and flavoured sprinkles. There is turtle crunch, cookies and creme crunch and toffee crunch from Wilton.

8/7/2010 Garden theme cuppies.

10/6/2010 Cousin Fahmy's birthday.

23/6/2010 Did these for my daughter's get together with her friends.

Cuppies for my sister in law, Dzuriatty who has a craving for cupcakes.

7/4/2010 Mothers' Day - Flower Pot Cupcake.

30/3/2010 Shoes and Handbads cupcakes ordered by Yanty and Intan for Bat's birthday.

29/3/2010 Chocolate cuppies covered with ganache from Eika for her sister Siti Muslihah.

10/3/2010 Simple flowers cupcakes for Kak Yati "doa selamat" and house warming.

6/3/2010 Pink butterfly and flowers for "usrah" at my mom's.

6/3/2010 Dora Stars cupcakes.

3/3/2010 Hadiya and Dwi birthday cupcakes.

3/2/2010 "Under the Sea" cupcakes ordered by Shamsiah for Damia's 10th birthday.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthday Cakes 2010

11/12/2010 A simple 10" x 7" butter cake covered with buttercream icing decorated with royal icing and gumpaste pink flowers. Cake weights around 1.2kg.

4/12/2010 White Rabbit cake. It's a butter cake covered with butter icing. Weights around 1.2kg.

4/11/2010 Pink Laptop with ipod. Once again my friend Shamsiah order a challenging cake for me to do *wink*( just love a good challenge). She likes chocolate cake with butter icing so I made the base or shall I call it the table with chocolate cake and covered with butter icing. The laptop and the ipod were made of fondant. The cover is actually a cake board cover with fondant which I just stick at the top of the keyboard.

22/10/2010 No 2 cake with Barney and Friends cake. Butter cake covered with fondant. Cake weights around 1.2kg (without icing).

8/10/2010 Pink and blue rabbits for Irina. Cake made from 2.6kg chocolate cake covered with butter icing. Carrots were made from modelling paste.

18/9/2010 Chugginton cake. Made from 1.9kg chocolate cake covered with fondant. Trains were made from modelling paste.

4/9/2010 Lightning Mc Queen and Mater cake. Made from 2.2kg butter cake and covered with fondant and royal icing.

17/7/2010 Big Bike cake for my cousin Fadzly on his 39th birthday. It's a small cake just 600gm covered with butter icing.

28/6/2010 'Pink Heart Shape' cake with many pink hearts. It's a 2.6kg chocolate cake with butter icing.

27/6/2010 Ultraman cake. It's a 1.2kg butter cake covered with butter icing.

16/5/2010 Teddy Bear cake for Ellene's son Alif's 12 birthday.

9/4/2010 Garden of Red Roses -A belated birthday cake for owner of Sri Munawwarah Design, Dato Tuan Hasnah. A gift from sister Kak Jee.

27/3/2010 Football cake for Reez's 2nd birthday.

6/3/2010 Dora the Explorer birthday cake for Hadiya's 4th birthday.

6/2/2010 Chanel Handbag. It's a 5" x 7" butter cake covered with fondant.

Make-up bag for my daughter Sarah's belated birthday. There are lipsticks, eye shadow, powder, eye pencil, face cream, hand cream and powder brush.

Transformer Bumble Bee cake for my son Ilyas' belated birthday.

24/1/2010 Hot Wheels for Mafazi and Jaris' birthday. Cake is chocolate cakes with buttercream icing.

12/1/2010 Chocolate cake with ganache for a 5 year old Damia. Cake decorated with 5 white roses. cake weights around 1.3kg.

8/1/2010 High School Musical 3 cake for Nurbalqis' 11th birthday. Cake is chocolate cake with buttercream icing. Cake weights around 2kg.