Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Engagement Cakes 2009

25/1/2009 7" butter cake covered with fondant and decorated with yellow royal icing flowers. Cake ordered by Maszelina.

25/1/2009 7" butter cake covered with fondant and decorated with yellow flowers. Cake ordered by Untie Maizun.

15/10/2009 7" butter cake conered with fondant. Ordered by Datin Azizah for her niece.

6/8/2009 7" orange cake covered with fondant. Ordered by Shamsiah.

24/7/2009 7" butter cake covered with fondant and brushed with cream gold and rustic gold dust. Cake ordered by Halim.

18/7/2009 Azliana wanted help with decorating her nephew's engagement cake. She baked the cake and asked me to decorate it according to what Sulaiman wanted. Cake was covered with fondant and decorated with red garrett frills. Flowers bought by Sulaiman's sister.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wedding Cakes 2009

A 2-tier cake with sugarpaste modelling figures. Top tier, 6" cake decorated with smoking and brush embroidery roses. Bottom tier, 9" cake decorated with garrett frills and ribbon insertions.

28/6/2009 A 3-tier wedding cake order by Tini (wedding planner) for her client. Cakes are 5", 7" and 9" butter cakes with butter icing.

14/3/2009 A simple apple green with pink dots 3-tier wedding cake for my cousin Meor Firdause and Yannina. Top tier made from two 4" fruit cakes, middle tier made from two 6" butter cakes and the bottom tier made from two 8" chocolate moist cakes. Two dozen fresh pink roses were used to decorate cakes.

7/2/2009 A simple 3-tier wedding cake ordered by Halim Bridal. Cakes are 6", 8" and 10" butter cake covered with fondant. He will put fresh flowers on each tier to complete the wedding cake.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cupcakes 2009

4/9/2009 Cats cupcakes ordered by Yusliyanty for Intan's birthday. Cupcakes are small mediera cupcakes covered with butter icing.

1/5/2009 BFF "Best Friends Forever" cupcakes. Made this for my school class reunion. These were given as gifts before we parted. Cupcakes are large mediera cupcakes covered with fondant.

Made this for dessert after lunch for the class reunion.

25/4/2009 Pooh and Tigger cupcakes for One's 1st birthday. Ordered by Dzuriatty for her niece who lives in Melaka. Cupcakes were madiera covered with fondant.

10/3/2009 mini cupcakes for the launch of Pertubuhan Pembangunan Wanita dan Keluarga Malaysia.

23/1/2009 Large cupcakes covered with fondant. Yellow roses made with royal icing. Ordered by Normalis for a relative's "hantaran".

23/1/2009 Pastel coloured flowers cupcakes. Halim Bridal ordered 70 medium cupcakes and 15 small cupcakes.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Celebration Cakes

15/12/2010 Conratulations! A friend is pregnant and had this craving for butter cake. It's a 7" butter cake covered with fondant. I made a figurine of her resting on a pillow while having a slice of cake.

9/12/2010 Butter cheese cake with caramelized banana and roasted almond. Delivered to Malakoff for a birthday and retirement party.

6/11/2010 "Air Terjun" waterfall cake for my cousin's anniversary. Ordered by their lovely daughters Shasha and Jija as a surprise.

21/7/2010 PBSM gathering for SK Bandar Anggerik. 8" butter cake covered with buttercream icing.

79/7/2010 10" x 10" chocolate cake covered in ganache for all the mothers who has help and given their time and services in Konvensyen Wanita Keadilan Wilayah Persekutuan.

18/6/2010 Fathers' Day.

9/6/2010 Class 6 Baiduri 2009 from SMK Bandar Anggerik got together to celebrate their achievements in their UPSR Exam.

1/1/2010 Zoo Negara celebrated their 1st anniversary of their loyalty card members. Cakes were divided into 4 sections. The sea is made from butter cakes and the island from chocolate cakes. Total combine length and width for the sea is 18" x 18" and island is 12" x 12". Total combine weight of the cakes is 15kg. There are 32 sugar figurines. They are hippos, crocodiles, starfishes, turtles, bears, snakes, dolphin, sea lion, giraffes, monkeys, birds, elephants, tiger, blow fish, jellyfish, yellow fish, and shells.

11/1/2009 Prudential BSN Takaful, Azmi Agency celebrated on being A Million Dollar Agency. Cake is a 12" x 12" 2.6kg chocolate moist cake.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Birthday Cakes 2009

1/12/2009 Another chocolate cake, Dora the Explorer ordered by Faizah for Amelia's birthday celebration at home.

1/12/2009 Barbie Princess cake for Amelia's 5th birthday celebration at kindy. Made with chocolate cake and butter icing and weights around 2kg.

7/11/2009 Pocoyo cake for Ryan's 6th birthday. Made with chocolate cake with butter icing. Cake weights around 1.2kg.

14/8/2009 Optimus Prime cake. Ordered by Juliana again for another nephew.

25/7/2009 Optimus Prime cake ordered by Juliana for her nephew's Nikhil 5th birthday. Cake made from chocolate cake and butter icing. I used oreo cookies for the tyres.

25/7/2009 Blue Ranger cake made from chocolate cake and butter icing. Ordered by Hani for Ikmal's 7th birthday. Cake weights around 1.3kg.

19/7/2009 Tea Party cake for my daughter Mariah's 12th birthday. Made from chocolate cake and covered with ganache and fondant (tablecloth).

10/7/2009 Football cake for Hazmi and Faizal. Made from butter cake and butter icing. Weights around 1.2kg.

27/6/2009 Car cake for Lin's son Anaqi's 1st birthday. Made from chocolate cake and butter icing.

26/6/2009 Colourful Butterfly cake for Elisa's 5th birthday. Made from chocolate cake and butter icing. Cake weights around 2.6kg.

13/5/2009 Horse cake ordered by Haslina for Aisha'a birthday. Made from chocolate cake and covered with fondant.

3/5/2009 Order by Ju for her nephews.

27/4/2009 Teddy Bear cake for Maryam's 3rd birthday. Made from chocolate cake and butter icing.

18/4/2009 Ben 10 for Aiman Irfan's 7th birthday. Made from butter cake covered with butter icing.

4/4/2009 My daughter Raihanah's 10th birthday. She wanted a cake that looked like is a big cupcake. Cake was a 6" chocolate cake covered with butter icing and sprinkled with Wilton rainbow sparkling sugar and colourful stars.

7/2/2009 Fairytopia for Adlin's 8th birthday. Made from butter cake and covered with fondant.

1/2/2009 Damia's 9th birthday. She wanted a cat cake because she just loves cat. It took some time for her to cut the cake because she didn't want to spoilt it. Cake made from chocolate cake with butter icing. It weights around 1.3kg.

11/1/2009 Jungle with wild animals cake for Eryna's 6th birthday. It's a 1.5kg butter cake covered with fondant. There are 6 sugarpaste animals; a giraffe, an elephant, a crocodile,a snake and two hippos.

1/1/2009 Celebrating New Year and Birthday with a bang. A 24" x 12" 5kg cheese cake with buttercream frosting decorated with fondant and fondant print. Ordered by Zoo Negara for the birthday of Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Yang Berhormat Tuan Jelaing Anak Mersat.